Sleepy Mouse

Sleepy Mouse© is a 2D, 75-level, physics based puzzle game from the App Store.

Sleepy Sleeping.gif

Aim of the game:

  • Don’t let Sleepy Mouse wake up hangry! Get him the cheese before he wakes!
  • Likes: Sleeping, eating cheese, and playing games on iOS.
    Hates: Waking up hangry, mornings and alarm clocks.
    Favourite cheese: The smellier the better!
    Lives: London, UK.
    Brothers and sisters? A few hundred!

Sleepy Mouse Gameplay

Game features:

  • Holes in the wall, fridge magnets, alarms and traps will try to steal Sleepy Mouse’s cheese
  • Make friends with blue cheese if you don’t want to leave Sleepy Mouse in a stink!
  • Shot complexity maximises scores
  • Incorporates Everyplay so you can record levels and show off scores to friends
  • Uses Unity Ads so you can watch ads to skip levels and come back later

Sleepy Mouse is has no in-app purchases.

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